Intruder Alarm FAQs

Here you will be able to find answers to some of the most common questions we have heard at Churchill Security regarding intruder alarms over the past 30 years. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for do not hesitate to get in contact with us at our Leeds office.

Are intruder systems expensive?

There are plenty of cheap DIY systems out there, but we don’t compete with those as they have a high failure rate. We believe that our systems are cost-effective and fit for purpose, and all our bespoke systems come with a cast-iron 12-month parts and labour warranty, and a further 12-month warranty on parts.  

Who do I call if the intruder alarm stops working?

Always call us – we fit it, so we fix it. We have been trading in the security sector for 30 years and by looking after our customers, most of our business comes through recommendation. 

How long does intruder alarm take to install?

This depends on the size of your building so we would need to do an individual assessment. As an example, installation on a 3-bed semidetached property is usually around a day. 

How do I prevent the alarm going off when it shouldn’t be?

To ensure your intruder alarm works correctly all the time – health checks and regular maintenance services will help stop unwanted false alarms. 

What different types of intruder alarms do Churchill security ltd install?

We install wired, wireless or hybrid systems, Police call and guard response systems. Depending on your needs and the building which will determine what intruder alarm is best for you. This can be decided during a free site survey

Can I have extra sensors?

Yes, all our systems generally allow for expansion as they are created uniquely for each client 

Will my contents insurance premium drop if I have an alarm installed?

This is hard to determine without knowing your insurance provider, but you may get a small reduction with an intruder alarm.  

Can an alarm reduce crime?

Yes, anything that makes it harder for the intruder will make them move elsewhere. 

Are alarms easy to maintain?

Yes, a domestic system only requires one inspection per year. 

Is it possible to have alarms which are not monitored?

Yes, depending on your needs a monitored alarm might not be best for you.  

Can I have a police response system?

Yes, as an approved company on the police compliant list of installers and a member of the SSAIB Inspectorate, we can install a monitored alarm that generates a level 1 police response.

Will my alarms work in a power cut?

Yes, all our systems have battery backup to ensure constant security. 

What happens if too many false alarms go to the police?

You will be downgraded or cut off for a period of 3 months in which time you must have no further false alarms. A letter must be written explaining what procedures have been put in place to stop this happening again.   

How do you set a Pyronix alarm?

Either through the keypad installed or through your smartphone if you enable the app 

How reliable are Pyronix systems?

Pyronix, as well as our other systems are super reliable, professional systems and are graded and fit for the intended purpose.  

What is Pyronix cloud?

Pyronix cloud is an intruder system which operates over a secure cloud subscribed service to allow users to set/unset or interrogate their alarm system. You can also receive alerts for set/unset events and alarm activations along with text descriptions of what has been activated.   

What is Pyronix home control?

Pyronix home control is an app to interface with your alarm system from wherever you are, you can also transfer to Pro Control which is a newer version of Home control.  

Can I switch the provider of my Pyronix alarm installation, repairs and maintenance?

Yes, we offer full maintenance and repairs contracts on Pyronix alarm systems.

How do i turn on my SmokeCloak?

The SmokeCloak is connected to your mains supply and controlled by your alarm system which is how you arm and disarm it. Read more about the many benefits of a SmokeCloak system here

How much does a smoke cloak cost?

With every client needing slightly different security system solutions we provide a free site survey that will help accurately determine the cost of any services we provide including the smoke cloak.

What do i do after the SmokeCloak is triggered?

We recommend that you should turn off the alarm and then open all doors and windows to create a draught that will help evacuate the fog. Find more information on the system here.

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