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Here you will be able to find answers to some of the most common questions we have heard at Churchill Security regarding Access Control systems over the past 30 years. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a means of controlling locks and access to your building electronically. Sometimes this can be controlled through an app depending on what system is installed.

Where can access control be used?

It can be used anywhere you might need it.

What do people need to carry around to access a building?

Just a small button is all you need to carry, and it can easily fit on a lanyard! Some of the new systems like the Paxton 10 has Bluetooth connectivity so it can be opened by your smartphone.

What happens if a key fob is lost?

Don’t worry! The security of your building will not be affected because the lost fob is deleted and replaced with a new fob.

How do I get key fobs made?

Fobs are purchased in packs and enabled into your system when we install it.

Which sort of access system does my business need?

This is hard to determine without seeing your business in action because our installation services are bespoke. A site survey would be needed to really determine what your requirements are. Click here to book your own survey.

What types of access control systems are there?

There are two types, the first is standalone access control and the second is networked access control.

How are the entrances controlled?

Through a series of electronic locking devices and proximity tag readers within the system.

Where can a Paxton10 system be used?

Anywhere, this is due to the networked connectivity the system has. the system can be monitored and controlled through your smartphone. 

Are there different types of Paxton10 products?

For more information on the Paxton10 and other access control solutions click here.

What are the benefits of a Paxton10?

The Paxton10 can be remotely connected to whatever system you have for checking reports if needed or for altering programming. For example, barring a user from accessing your building.

What does the Paxton 10 report?

A whole host of reports can be set up to do whatever you want! Ranging from searching for a particular person for a roll call report to your fire alarm activating remotely.

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