CCTV systems

Churchill Security Ltd is a trusted CCTV installer, offering a wide range of services including maintenance, and monitoring in the areas of Leeds and West Yorkshire that are affordable, bespoke and of a high standard.


CCTV systems

Churchill Security Ltd offer a wide range of trusted CCTV Installations, including maintenance, and monitoring in the areas of Leeds and West Yorkshire that are affordable, bespoke for your security needs, and of a high standard.


Why you need CCTV in your security system

CCTV is the keystone of any good security system and is always a strong deterrent to theft and fraud. Whether you need a home security camera, or require a commerical CCTV installation – a CCTV system is a great first step in securing your world. 

A CCTV system allows you to archive your video footage and can assist you with a level of awareness and control that will ensure the safety of your home or business 24/7. Depending on what you want from your CCTV camera, we can fit and install overt or covert systems.

Fitting your security camera system with a monitored burglar alarm optimises your system further. For example, if your intruder alarm activates you can log on to your security cameras for visual confirmation to establish if there is an incident or crime in progress.

Even away from your home or business, you can manage your CCTV footage through an app on any smart device from any location, anytime (WIFI connection required).

Our HD CCTV  Cameras make the difference in picture quality compared to analogue systems. With most of our latest cameras now recording in 4K that is 4 times the definition of 1080P.

Our commercial CCTV installation solutions also include ANPR cameras for car park monitoring and number plate capture. More information on our CCTV system solutions can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Benefits of CCTV

The benefits of choosing to install CCTV systems go further than preventing crime:

  • Health and safety: Minimise risk and allows monitoring of workplace injuries, reducing claims and legal costs.
  • Staff protection: Adhere to legislation and log visitors deterring vandalism.
  • Insurance: Lowers premiums by preventing theft and anti-social behaviour.
  • Improves Reliability: Cameras never sleep, your property is always monitored
  • Staff Monitoring: always Allows staff to be monitored and watched.
  • Reduce Costs: Reduces employment cost of multiple security staff
  • Remote Access: Gives access to personnel remotely viewing images from your own device from anywhere


Why choose Churchill Security Ltd for your CCTV installation?

We have been working with CCTV installation in the Leeds and West Yorkshire areas for 30 years, with over 2000 happy clients so you know we can be trusted with your CCTV system:

  • Our CCTV installations cover many different types of CCTV Systems including HD and IP.
  • Our experienced team are on hand to help you decide which system is most suitable for you.
  • We know that aesthetics are important which is why we discreetly install all of our CCTV systems in the perfect position.

As well as CCTV installations we also offer repair and maintenance services. Regardless as to whether we provided you with CCTV or you already have an existing system with someone else, we can service, upgrade, and repair your CCTV system quickly and efficiently.

Let's find the security solution you need!

We operate within West Yorkshire and including, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Harrogate, York and Huddersfield. 

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