Fire Alarms

Our experienced engineers at Churchill Security can install a new fire alarm, conduct an upgrade, or take over your existing maintenance programme without causing any disruption to your home or business in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Fire Alarms

Our experienced engineers at Churchill Security can install a new fire alarm, conduct an upgrade, or take over your existing maintenance programme without causing any disruption to your home or business. In Leeds and West Yorksire. 

Types of Fire Alarm we install


Addressable fire alarm

Ideal for large premises, such as hotels, offices and factories because they have the added ability to transmit data to the user such as the exact location of a fire. Which limits the risk of the fire spreading and allows a planned evacuation strategy for employees and guests.

Conventional fire alarm

Systems with the minimum requirement for most regulations. Suitable for small offices, nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops and most small businesses.

Twin-wire fire alarm

Similar to a conventional system, but with the advantage that twin-wire systems allow you to put sounders on the detection circuit saving you the cost and hassle of installing a separate sounder circuit at the same premises.

Your Responsibilities 

You have a responsibility to meet fire alarm regulations within your premises, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – and to ensure maximum protection, you should also ensure that installation and maintenance services conform to BS 5839-1:2017

Honeywell: The DX Connexion

As an approved security company, we only install systems from brands we trust. For Fire alarms, that’s no different. When we install your fire alarm system we will employ the Honeywell Dx Connection addressable fire panel for our larger premises or a  C-Tec CFP708- multi Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel for small to medium sized premises both these alarms gives a reliable solution for the transmission of alarm signals in every building setting. The multi-protocol range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time efficient fire panel on the market to install.

The Fire Beam Company

Beam detection has always been seen as the most economical way to protect large spaces. The Fire Beam system combats the common issues such as building movement, difficulty in commissioning, and ground-level accessibility. It does this by self-aligning itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.

Fire Alarm Design

A good fire alarm system design is the crucial first step to identifying an appropriate fire safety solution. We offer a free site survey that will allow you to ensure that you are fitted with the right system for you. A well designed fire alarm can also ensure that no matter where a fire starts, it can be quickly detected and preparations for personnel and visitors to be effectively and efficiently warned to evacuate the building can happen.

Categories of fire Alarm 


Category L – Named as these protect life, these systems range from L1 – L5, with L1 providing maximum protection with detectors fitted in every room, plus circulation areas and even cupboards – while L5 means that detection is only fitted into specific risk areas.


Category P – Named as these fire systems are installed to protect property and can be either P1 – installed everywhere including voids – or P2, used in specific areas to manage a particular risk of Fire. Your insurer may require you to install a category P system, so please check if you are unsure.

The types of detection we employ to protect your premises range from manual call points and smoke and heat detectors to complex fire beam reflector systems to protect large industrial premises along with dual path graded secure monitoring to 24/7 manned central stations.

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We operate within West Yorkshire and including, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Harrogate, York and Huddersfield. 

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