September 28, 2020

4 simple ways to improve business security

Let us first explain why business security is so important. The more time you invest into making small changes to your business or commercial security, the less likely you will be targeted by opportunist criminals and will be able to keep employees and customers safe. 

Maybe you’ve just opened the doors to your new business, or your office has upgraded and now you need some improved security solutions to match. No matter the reason, this article aims to share 4 simple ways to improve and maintain your business security. 

1. Determine your security systems

Understanding what you want to achieve from a security system should be your first step in your securing your business – are you wanting to simply monitor who enters the door of your shop front? This would require a surveillance camera. Or do you want confirmation that only authorised individuals have access to your workplace? An access control system would be best for this. Understanding the size and aims of your business will help determine what you might need to run securely.


2. Use an alarm system

An intruder alarm is a good place to start when improving your business security. The alarm can function to contact the police, or with a wireless intruder alarm, it can connect with an appointed employee while away from the office as a way of monitoring what is going on from your phone.

3. Install CCTV

The benefits of CCTV on your outside walls will be an immediate deterrent to thief’s examining your building. It can also ensure that if anything does happen to your business, you will have video footage to help investigate and prove what happened. CCTV is super important if you ever need to make a claim. Also combining a burglar alarm with CCTV may lead to reduced insurance premiums (Check with your insurer).

4. Contact an approved installer

People might think that having a company to install these pieces of equipment is an unnecessary expense or too expensive. However, the expertise of a knowledgeable installer is crucial to ensuring your system works effectively and consistently. Here at Churchill Security Ltd we don’t want to compete with DIY systems, we always want to install high quality security systems while giving you advice that suits your business needs.

We specialise in all of these services. Whether you need a new system installed or need your current one reviewed, let Churchill Security Ltd secure your world today.


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